The ACO Group is a world market leader in drainage technology. With its integrated approach, ACO stands for professional drainage, efficient cleaning, and the controlled discharge or reuse of water.

ACO has a presence in over 40 countries, with a total of 30 production sites on four continents. With a global workforce of 5,000, the company generated sales of Euro 850 million in 2018.

The family-owned company headquartered in Rendsburg/Büdelsdorf, Germany, was founded in 1946 on the site of the Carlshütte foundry – Schleswig-Holstein’s first industrial company. The innovation strength of the ACO Group is built on intense research and development, and its technical expertise in processing polymer concrete, plastic, cast iron, stainless steel and reinforced concrete. Thanks to internationalisation and diversification we can balance out large fluctuations in local construction sector markets, and stabilise our expansion course.

"ACO’s business covers the complete product life cycle from design, through specification, to manufacturing, wholesaling, retailing, warehousing and distribution, and finance. "

That’s is why ACO Group has needs to combine various types of ERP systems. One of them is certainly Dynamics NAV. Some ACO companies using Dynamics NAV for many years, since their inception.

Dynamics NAV has capability to integrates

After intensive research group decide to divide the all companies in two group. 

Big and slow change companies ("in slang Containers ships")

And nimble fast speeding easy to adapt companies (in slang "speed bouts")

Decision for Containers ship was SAP and for Seed bouts NAV. With three phase plan of integration and consolidation.

One of the first phases of planning is to find appropriated company to be partner in creating "CORE" and overall support in this long term project.

After the screening and suggestion, we chose Croatian company DignetSoftware. Together in period of 1 year, we develop initial "core". Set rules and functionality to be implemented in all ACO companies.

Fist we implemented in Croatia, few months after that in Bosnia, Serbia, Belgium, Estonia… India,China

In picture below green are countries, which in this moment already have ACO NAV. Blue, are companies in progress.

In process of integration thru the help of DignetSoftware and constant improving our business proces and capabilities. We start to work pararel on the Integration betwne SAP and NAV companies but not only that between Sales and Production companies. Not only sale companies cold share stock, and resources. They could trigger the production process in appropriate production company in other country if necessary.

Whole that improve capabilities of our people tenfold. We changed the way how over people start to think about sales process. To sell something which is in this moment on other side of continent no problem. To sell you something which need to be produced aging no problem.

Overall speed of providing information or items for our customer is much more then before.

In phase 3 we start to work on e-commerce platform. We are Drainage Company and idea to have a e-commerce or web shop at the beginning was seem unrealistic. But when we start with the "Pilot" we found out because it is fully integrated with the NAV it provide a great plase fo found all information for our customer form picture, to stock info to the price. And decrease the time for creating the Quotes or orders.

ACO NAV is curtail prat of our daily work. It allow us to continue to be number on in drainage technology. We love simplicity, quickness and user experience.  It helps a lot full integration to all Office tools from e-mail to one note or Power BI.