O partnerima konferencije

LS Retail, an Aptos company, is a world-leading provider of unified software solutions for retail, hospitality, pharmacy and gas-stations of all sizes.

LS specialize in software for the retail, hospitality, pharmacy, F&B and forecourt industries. In LS they believe in technology that is simple to use, easy to expand, and highly reliable. LS software solutions are built on Microsoft Dynamics ERPs, globally known for high availability and for being at the forefront of business technology. 

Since 2021, LS has been part of the Aptos group of companies, contributing to their suite of unified solutions for retail. 

During the past three decades LS has become a global player, and they’re now known for LS unified software solutions, which help companies to

Work smarter and faster

Offer superior customer experiences

Be ready for the future

Innovation is one of LS core values. They invest a large part of our budget in Research and Development, to always offer new ways to keep you competitive.  

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Dynamicweb offers a cloud-based eCommerce suite.
They enable customers to deliver better digital customer experiences and to scale eCommerce success through their Content Management, Digital Marketing, eCommerce, and Product Information Management solutions.

Dynamicweb empowers you to deliver great customer experiences across channels by combining Web Content Management, Ecommerce, Product Information Management (PIM) and Marketing in a single platform. With Dynamicweb, all your content can be reused and personalized - your customers will benefit from this.

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